Upcoming Presentation for the New York Society for Women in Philosophy

I’m delighted to announce that I will be presenting my research for the New York Society for Women in Philosophy! The talk is being held on Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30pm at The Graduate Center, CUNY. More details can be found here: NYSWIP


Who Cares? Examining Needs, Care, and Responsibility for a More Caring Version of the State


Social and political theories must take seriously the needs that persons have because all persons have needs. Likewise, care and caring activities must be taken equally seriously, as all persons require care throughout their lives to meet their needs when they are unable to do so themselves. I propose that we view needs and their corresponding care activities through a new lens that clarifies the role that the state plays in meeting a majority of the needs of its citizens. I sketch out a taxonomy of needs, and the corresponding caring activities that may successfully meet those needs, as the first step in determining who is responsible to provide care in different contexts. I propose that we think of needs as being either primary or secondary in nature, and that we think of the caring activities that meet these needs as being either direct (or indirect) primary caring activities or as secondary caring activities. I argue that family members are more effective primary caregivers and have a responsibility to perform primary caring activities. Similarly, I argue that the state has a responsibility to perform many secondary caring activities for citizens because of the unique way that secondary needs arise.

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