Brooklyn Public Philosophers: Ask A Philosopher Booth

I’ll be sitting in the Brooklyn Public Philosophers Ask A Philosopher booth at the Union Square Greenmarket this Wednesday, May 17th from 12:00-2:00pm.

Come on by to ask a question, mull over a thought experiment, or talk about what’s going on in the world (and grab a bite to eat at the market, too)!

And be sure to check out the Brooklyn Public Philosophers podcast The Owl, where listeners can submit questions for local philosophers to discuss.

About Brooklyn Public Philosophers:

Brooklyn Public Philosophers is a forum for philosophers in the greater Brooklyn area to discuss their work with a general audience, hosted by the Brooklyn Public Library. Its goal is to raise awareness of the best work on philosophical questions of interest to Brooklynites, and to provide a civil space where Brooklynites can reason together about the philosophical questions that matter to them.


A photo of Laura at the Ask A Philosopher Booth.

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Public Philosophers: Ask A Philosopher Booth

  1. Geoffrey Klempner says:

    Hi Laura,

    Would you like to join our panel?

    Found your page by chance and liked the photo. (The man on the left looks the spitting image of the young Gareth Evans.)

    1. laurockane says:

      Hi Geoffrey,
      Thanks for reaching out. Can you contact me via email? I’d love to hear more about this panel…


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