Nature Cruise:







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Breakthru Radio Session – May 2013 (



Breakthru Radio Session – May 2013 ( (#2)


Bella Noir:


195_13371204975_740_n“Soaring and beautiful… Brooklyn based Bella Noir demand attention. With strong vocals that you can’t help but be drawn to, they will surely receive it. …Their dark, layered, complex sound boosts the sexiness of their songs rather than overshadowing it, and the ambiguity of their words keep you hanging all day long…” – The Deli Magazine (
Enchanting, Siouxsie-inspired vocals. A tighter-than-SPANX backbeat. Everything reverberates and wallows out from the center, immediately grabbing the listener.” – The Culture of Me (


Listen to Premonitions at bandcamp:



Listen to Premonitions on




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Fearless Music Performance – 2008 (

 195_13370934975_4240_n“Fuzzed out, loud swinging guitars topped by a sweet yet raspy female voice. This is a great indie record that continues to sound even better within each listen.” – Crashin’ In ( 
“The music on “Premonitions” is flawless and dreamlike. …Swirling atmosphere, turn-on-a-dime time changes, and truly incredible drumming. Each time, if you close your eyes, you’ll find new rewards.” – Berkeley Place (


“My Son” – Premonitions EP, 2008 (